Cabinetry is the core of any kitchen project. Vermont Kitchen Design has selected the best brands from each market segment. From stock to custom, every budget can be accommodated. Also, Vermont Kitchen Design holds each of its brands to the highest standard of customer service. When issues arise, rest assure both Vermont Kitchen Design and it’s brands have your satisfaction as our highest priority.

Stock Cabinets

A manufactured cabinet available in limited door styles and finishes. Stock cabinets are typically less expensive and ship with shorter lead times (1-2 weeks). Also, these cabinets are only available in standard dimensions, which present challenges in unique spaces.

Semi-Custom Cabinets

Again, a manufactured cabinet, but with a much larger selection of door styles and finishes. Modern manufacturing techniques have allowed the advent of semi-custom cabinets and still leverage economies of scale. These are the largest segment of cabinetry in today's market and offer great value.  

Custom Cabinets

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Like the other two varieties of cabinetry, custom cabinetry has its place. Often custom manufacturers can offer the highest quality product at a very competitive price. When presented with an ultra-unique space custom manufacturers have the flexibility to give you exactly what you want. When semi-custom manufactures charge for modifications, custom builders may not. Beyond a high level of customization, custom builders also provide a high level of quality. Premium woods and finishes are the result of selectively choosing lumber and hand applying finishes. Custom cabinetry is built to last.